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Welcome to website of Qingdao Kaoyoung International Logistics Co., Ltd. and sincerely hope this web-place can facilitate your further understanding and awareness of our company.

Qingdao Kaoyoung International Logistics Co., Ltd. has developed stably since its birth with constant growth of scale, which all depends on care and support from all old and new customers, and also the joint efforts of our employees.
In this era of hope and passion, high development of new technology and global economic integration not only put forward impact and challenges, but also show the glamour of modern logistics, together with unprecedented opportunity in this new field.
Basing on extensive and comprehensive global agency networks and advanced customer service platform, Kaoyoung has developed into a modern, integrated and high-standard logistics enterprise with one-stop services including air transport, maritime transport charter, international multi-modal transport, shipping space booking, port transfer, customs clearance and inspection, warehousing, and transshipment, etc.
Creating world logistics brand, exhibiting Chinese enterprises’ profile and moving forward with the country is our company vision. Professional team, advanced information platform, strong partners, international company network, courage and pioneering spirit of innovation is our core competiveness. Services creating value and customers above all else is our service concept. All Kaoyoung people will take Kaoyoung’s culture as core philosophy and strive for first-class logistics enterprise by enhancing brand and refining ability.

Finally, thanks for the highly successful work of all Kaoyoung’s colleagues, and sincerely welcome more talented person loving logistics business to create a better tomorrow.


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