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Inland Transport Business

Kaoyoung logistics fleet team is a professional transport sector aimed for better, faster and more convenient service. The team now has total of 78 transport vehicles with complete station agreement. Kaoyoung can undertake cargo transportation services throughout the country based on Qingdao pier as the center, mainly focusing on import and export of container transport, also providing transport services for container load, bulk cargo and special overrun large cargo. Kaoyoung can design the best and also most affordable low cost transport solutions for the customer, and also has its own freight forwarding center which can undertake all other logistics services besides transport. 

With integrity being the service aim, Kaoyoung will offer 24 hours non-stop tracking services for the customer per day with professional knowledge and quality service, ensuring all goods to be at the destination safely, fast and punctually. Kaoyoung sincerely expects cooperation with manufacturers, freight forwarders and transport fleet for mutual benefit and development.  

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